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How to Pair with OpenLoad in Kodi

How to Pair with OpenLoad in Kodi

New users and longterm Kodi users are both feeling confused. What is openload? Is it safe? We answer ALL your questions right here

Why is this happening? Why do you have to pair with Openload or others in Kodi?

The link providers of the content you are streaming are losing out financially… simple as that. What we have now, is a middle ground approach to keep them running, and your content coming!

How so?

The average user has moved on, collectively we are no longer viewing streams directly on their PC.  Most of which were surrounded by adverts and sponsorships etc.  Generating money for the source to keep them running.

Now more of us are using alternatives such Firesticks and Android boxers. The hosts can’t serve ads and make revenue from those users, as we don’t see the ads!

Initially, they blocked access to the files but this method is a comprise negotiated by the author of the ResolveURL portion of almost every addon! Intended to suit both parties (the viewer and the source providers)

 It’s not clear how long this new method will last, or if it will change in time

Pairing with Openload…Is it safe?

Yes, it is!  That said, if you want to keep your privacy safe then,  we highly recommend using a VPN service!


Not interested in who, what or why…



  1. Open your browser software from your streaming device, smartphone or PC.
  2. visit the web address
  3. Follow the simple on-screen instructions
  4. (When we last checked you press I’M NOT A ROBOT)
  5. ❌ Don’t click pair or anything else on the page!
  6. You now have access to links for the next 4 hours.


While this is an inconvenience, and many other link providers are now forcing the same method, in reality… it only takes 30 seconds or less…and offers you better quality links. We think it’s worth the hassle.


The site mentioned and others like are often funded with adult adverts, pops up and annoying banners.

  • If files automatically download, delete them!
  • Don’t visit this or other sites like it,  with children around
  • Use a smartphone that is connected with Wi-FI to reduce risks and hassle
  • Save the link as bookmark, and follow the method above before you start streaming!

Will others providers follow and make us do the same?

Yes, and they already have, some requesting the same or with similar methods. Generally asking the user to input a pin that is shown on your device, into a browser.

We can’t comment on every single website out their, but for the most part yes this is it a minor inconvenience, but allows access so what can you do?

Worried about privacy or sharing your IP? 

in 2018 its common sense to worry about the constant changes in the realm of KODI and streaming.

Sign up for a VPN package today and eliminate those risks. Reduce blocks, and open up possibilities for more sources!

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Comments (8)

  1. Jeffrey Hardin

    I have IPVanish for a VPN provider on my Fire TV device, but it seems to be affecting my ability to pair with certain servers requesting I pair with them…
    They are showing I am pairing up, but to an IP Address selected by my VPN, not my own, which causes my device not to pair up. Is there any settings around this?

  2. Openload Movies

    thanks for sharing

  3. When paired with my amazon fire stick, does my WIFI need to be on for openload to work with KODI

  4. Help! I am using ipvanish on my kodi android box but when I need to pair with openload I do it from my iPhone but obviously that will be using my wifi IP address and not the random one selected by ipvanish – so how do I get the iPhone and kodi to be on same IP address for the openload to work? I am not computer savvy so be gentle with reply! Cheers

  5. When will Jeff Hardin & Steve replys be published.

  6. I am using kodi on libreelec/raspberry pi3.
    I am using Private internet access VPN.
    External ipaddress on kodi and my phone or desktop are not equal, kodi runs VPN manager/openvpn, on phone and desktop I have PIA client.
    This openload pairing will never work for me!


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