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Kodi Not Working on SKY – How To Disable the Sky Shield

Kodi Not Working on SKY - How To Disable the Sky Shield 6

Users with SKY as their ISP are having problems with KODI, I did some research and its seems that the Shield software that SKY provide is to blame. In short it’s a service that is meant to protect children or allow the user control and filter out any content (sites)

As far as I know new customers have this enabled by default, its very easy to check and see if its enabled, and, of course, disable it!


I pointed out in a recent article, a whole list of reason why Kodi Buffers, or fails. This is a new piece of information we’ve received and have tested it thoroughly.

  • Head over to

If the address does not work, or takes you to the website, just do a google search for “Sky shield”


  • Hit the Sign In button



  • For some bizarre reason, Sky may forward you to the home page,  if it does, then reload
  • You may notice the following text, its very misleading and does not guarantee that the shield is already OFF



Now its in your hands, to either disable the shield compelety or not. If you have children then please understand disabling the shield completely is NOT recommended.

  • Sky shield is likely set to “Suitable for everyone”, or “Teens & Older” as shown below

Sky UK ISP FIX- list of choices

  • What we suggest, is that you DO disable it completely only for testing purposes. The quickest way to do this, is to select “Suitable for Adults Only” and press “Save Settings”

Sky UK ISP FIX- 18


  • Wait 10 minutes to ensure the settings have taken effect
  • If Kodi streams being to work after this fix, then revisit

Sky UK ISP FIX- list of choices

  • Then amend your settings one at a time, and retest  after each chnage to ensure Kodi is still working

Sky UK ISP FIX- custom

Did this work for you? Let us know in the comments section below


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Comments (8)

  1. This worked. Thank you

  2. Completely disabled Sky Shield several days ago (and confirmed earlier today), checked router settings but still do not get streams on Kodi throught Sky broadband before 9pm on an evening. I do get streams it if I use 4G connection on my mobile? Any other thoughts on what could be blocking this?


  4. It worked for me..kept getting unplayable stream..turned the daft shield off,and it works faster than it did before…stupid

  5. I don’t think thats the problem now- with a group of broadband suppliers. They now use local proxy servers to affect the performance or block particular channels (i.e the ones they think are competitors) – though why bbc (not world) is affected ??? As a kodi driver perhaps a vpn may be worthwhile.

  6. Message @no stream@ kept coming up. Googled and came to this page. Did what it said. All working now and my 5yr old grandson can watch ‘Cars’. In his eyes his Nanny rocks 🙂 😉

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