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1GB vs 2GB Android TV boxes

1GB vs 2GB Android TV boxes

A question that is on many of our minds, and today I hope you answer just that. Should you purchase a box with 1GB or 2GB? Does it really matter how much memory your box has? Does it actually speed things up, and ultimately do you need more?

I’ve spent some time testing a bunch of 1GB and 2GB boxes over the last few months, and the short answer is yes. However here’s a list of things to consider.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#000000″ type=”fa”] Extra memory will help

  • More memory will improve your general experience
  • Some add-ons will load faster ( initial load)
  • Navigating through lists with lots of content, especially with thumbnails is faster
  • None Kodi apps will run faster such as emulators and games

[mks_icon icon=”fa-times” color=”#000000″ type=”fa”] Extra memory will NOT fix

  • A box with more RAM does not stop buffering
  • More ram will not fix broken links, or ISP blocked sources
  • It does not make video quality improve
  • boot time when powered on is almost the same

So why bother With 2GB Instead of 1GB?

Ask yourself a few questions first. Is the sole intention of the box to run Kodi? or you want to use it for more? For a simple Kodi install with a few addons, I would say don’t bother worrying.


That said some addons such as exodus, that display thumbnail do slow down after you navigate your way through. Boxes with 2GB are much more responsive.

If you plan to add emulators, games or ( NONE KODI RELATED) apps to the box they will ALL benefit from more memory. We’re talking about microseconds in some case

It’s a personal preference, and while an element of placebo could be in involved. The majority of time, a box with 2GB is just better

So there you go, the answer is yes, ( for most)  more is better but be sure to understand what it means in the real world scenario, what it won’t & can’t help to fix!

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Comments (3)

  1. Claudia Corzato

    What does this mean?

    “None kodi apps will run faster such as emulators and games”.

    Spelling error, I assume.

  2. I’m planning to buy my first box. But I can’t decide whether to go for 2GB or 3GB DDR4 RAM.. I’m only going to use the box for Kodi/IPTV streaming. I tried ‘Kodi’ing on my Sony Android TV but the loading is really slow and channels buffer all the time. I’m using wired LAN @ 50Mbps. I’m hoping the buffering will not exist if I use the box but you mentioned in your article that “A box with more RAM does not stop buffering”. Now I don’t know whether to buy a box at all. I just thought an Android box will perform/stream better than my Android tv.
    Please advise.

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