How to install ZT Kids addon guide

ZT Kids Addon Guide

ZT Kids is and all in solution for children content. movies, TV and gaming themed media. This is our simple how to install guide!   ✅

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Aloy Addon Guide

This addon is an all in one solution. Covering everything from TV, music to movies... Follow our simple and updated Aloy Addon Guide. Step by step to

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how to install AVENGERS kodi build guide

Kodi Avengers Build Guide

Who isn't a fan of the series of Marvel films? If you want a sleek Avengers build of Kodi, then you've found it. This one has some of the latest and b

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Khaos Kodi Build Guide

At 150MB it's well suited for ANY devices, even firesticks. Follow this simple Khaos Kodi Build Guide to download, install and start using it! The UI

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