Sportie Kodi Add-on – How to Install Sportie on Kodi

Sportie Kodi Add-on – How to Install Sportie on Kodi

How to Install Sportie on Kodi

Looking for an easy way to catch sports games on Kodi? If so, you may want to check out the Sportie Kodi add-on. Sportie is a recent addition to the popular Colossus Repo and features high-quality streams of sporting events from the UK and from other international sources.

In recent days, the old Colossus Repo website has been taken down. Fortunately, there are two workarounds available. You can either download Colossus Repo from the new Colossus site or download the Colossus Repo from GitHub and install it manually.



✅ Current Repo/ Addon status? ✅

  • When last checked this addon is working! If it does not work for you.
  • Remember Kodi addons come and go. Use the search function, or browse the kodi guide archive
  • to see if we have a new guide, or alternative.



Method 1: Download the Colossus Repo from a website

Downloading the Colossus Repo from inside the Kodi client is the easiest way to install Sportie. Here are the instructions.

  • Open Kodi on your computer. Navigate to the gear icon, indicating settings, on the upper-left of your Kodi screen. Click this icon to open the settings menu.

The main menu of Kodi. Source:

  • Next, select File Manager. Here, you can manage your Kodi repositories and add new ones.
Click File Manager. Source:
  • Select Add source as seen in the below screenshot.
Select add source to continue. Source:
  • You’ll see the following screen. Double click <None>.
The add source menu. Source:
Enter this URL, or one of the alternative URLs, to access the repo. Source:
  • Enter your preferred URL, and then name your media source. In this case, we’ve chosen “Sportie Colossus Repo.” Press OK to continue, and add this media source to Kodi.
Click “OK” to continue. Source:
  • Next, you’ll want to return to the Kodi main menu. This time instead of choosing settings, select Add-ons.
Select add-ons to continue. Source:
  • Next, it’s time to begin the installation process. Select the open box icon on the top left to access the package installer.
Click the “open box” icon to continue. Source:
  • Select Install from zip file. This will allow us to install the Colossus Repo.
Select install from zip to continue. Source:
  • Next, select Sportie Colossus Repo
Select your repo. Source:
  • Double-click the repo to select it. There will be a wide variety of repos available. Look for a file named (If you’re using a different repository than the Dimitrology Repo, your screen may look different, but the same file should be present.)
  • Press OK to continue
Choose the Colossus Repo, and press OK. Source:
  • After a few seconds, a popup will appear indicating successful installation of the Colossus Repository. Next, navigate back to the main menu. Again, select the “open box” icon on the top-left to access the package installer.
Navigate back to the package installer. Source:
  • Now, instead of selecting Install from zip, select Install from repository. This will allow us to install Sportie from the Colossus Repo.
Select install from repository to continue. Source:
  • Select Colossus Repository in the next screen.
Choose Colossus Repository. Your screen may look different, depending on your installed repos. Source:
  • Choose Video add-ons.
Choose video add-ons to continue. Source:
  • Select Sportie on the following screen.
Choose Sportie. Source:
  • Next, press Install to download and install Sportie from the Colossus Repo.
Select Install to begin the installation process. Source:
  • Now, Sportie will be available in the Add-ons section of Kodi.


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