Kodi coming back To Xbox 2017

Kodi coming back To Xbox 2017 1

News that came out of nowhere but it’s early days, so time will tell. Also since Microsoft¬†no longer supports the XBOX 360, this is almost certainly¬†an XBOX One only applications. Regardless, I’m delighted with the news, and I’m sure you will be too. Given the history between the two, I and many others never expected this to happen!

If you’ve been using Microsoft’s gaming consoles for long enough, then you’ll remember the XboxMedia Center, also known as XBMC. Over time, XBMC was ported to other platforms, stopped being supported on Xbox, and became Kodi.

While Kodi is a Win32 app for the Windows platform, it made its way to the Store by means of the Desktop App Converter, also known as Project Centennial. Of course, this limited its distribution to Windows 10 PCs.

Today, at Microsoft’s Windows Developer Day event for the Creators Update, the company announced that the developers of Kodi have been so pleased with the Windows Store that they will be converting it to a full UWP app. This means that it will once again be available on Xbox, or more specifically, the Xbox One.

Kodi is free to everyone, and it’s also open-source. This means that you’ll be able to follow along with the development of the UWP app, and if you’re a developer, you can even contribute to it. Microsoft didn’t provide a timeframe for when Kodi will be coming to the Xbox One, or if it will be on Windows 10 Mobile as well.

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