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How to Install Kodi on Fire TV / Stick

How to Install Kodi on Fire TV / Stick

With all the streaming services and devices in the tech industry, the chances are you know about Amazon Firestick and Fire TV. This Android-based device may be hard to find at times because of its’ popularity. A few of the reasons for that are the ease of use and the ability to use the Kodi program. It is a one-stop shop for some popular streaming services and gives you the option to enjoy other types of media as well. Since the devices do not come with Kodi pre-installed, we will tell you how to install Kodi on Fire TV or stick.

Though you can find some of the devices online that come pre-installed through 3rd party sources, we do not advise using them. If you start fresh, you know exactly what your install includes. You don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable to malware or other types of malicious attacks. It is just as easy to use this guide and other posts we offer to help you get the add-ons you need or want.

These instructions are usable on the Fire TV and Firestick devices. Just be sure that you are using a second generation Firestick or newer, and you should not have any issues. Fire TV usually has better hardware and may be expanded with an SD card. That will allow your install to run more quickly and you have expanded storage. We’ll go through the process in a moment, but you will want to make sure to use a VPN whenever viewing on your device.

Prepare your Fire TV / Stick to use Kodi

  • As soon as you boot your device, go to Settings and then System.
  • Next, move down to the choice that says Developer Options.
  • Locate the option that says Apps from unknown sources, turn it on, and confirm.

Use ES Explorer to get Kodi

  • When booting your device, use the search bar to find the ES File Explorer application. You can find it located in the Apps and Games category.
  • Once it is ready, open the app.
  • Now, go to Tools and then Download Manager on the left side of ES File Explorer.
  • Choose the tab at the bottom of the screen that says + New.
  • From here, enter the address
  • Then, you have several choices to make. You should see the word kodi with a version number. The file will end in .apk.
  • Click the Download Now button.
  • After it is done, choose Open File and then Install.
  • Select Done and return to the main menu.
  • Enjoy.

Use the Downloader App to get Kodi

  • From the boot screen, perform a search for the Downloader app. It may also be found under the Utilities category.
  • When the downloader installs, click Open.
  • Enter the address and choose the latest version.
  • Click Install.
  • Next, click the Done button and return to the main menu.
  • You are now ready to enjoy Kodi.

Now that you have kodi installed, you can individually add some of the add-ons you find on this site, or you can choose to use one of the builds. If you decide to use a build, Firestick users will want to stay around 200mb or under. While it is not as important with Fire TV, installing a smaller build is a good idea.



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