How To Install Operation Robocop Ultimate Repository For Kodi

How To Install Operation Robocop Ultimate Repository For Kodi 1

The Operation Robocop Ultimate Repositor For Kodi is home to addons such as New Kids TV and MotorNutz, this is how to install it.

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  • The following images reflect a default install of Kodi, if you have a custom skin or addon it may differ


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  • Open Kodi
  • Highlight SYSTEM >Click> File Manager
  • Then Press “Add Source”
    • Select the box that says <None>
  • Type in
  • Press Done
  • Give the Source a meaningful and memorable name, such as¬†Operation Robocop
  • Go back to the Kodi Home Screen
    • Press the SYSTEM button
    • Select Add-Ons
    • Install from zip file
  • Select Operation Robocop
    • Choose
  • Wait for the Add-on enabled notification to appear.
  • Click Install From Repository
    • Find The operation Robocop Ultimate¬†Repository
    • Video Add-ons
  • Choose your addons!


  • Open Kodi
  • Highlight¬†SYSTEM >Click> File Manager


  • Don’t see Fusion? Then Press “Add Source”


  • Select the box that says <None>


  • Type in
  • Press¬†Done


  • Give the Source a meaningful and memorable name, such as Operation Robocop


  • Go back to the Kodi¬†Home Screen
  • Press the¬†SYSTEM button


  • Select Add-Ons


  • Install from zip file


  • Select
    Operation Robocop
  • The screenshot shows several other choices, you won’t see all of these.
    • You may see others depending on your network setup. This is normal!


  • Navigate and Click
  • Repository.operationRobocop.Zip



  • Wait for the¬†Add-on enabled notification to appear. Time depends on your connection speed and server load.


  • Click Install From Repository


  • Find¬†Operation Robocop Ultimate¬†Repo


  • Go Into >Video Add-ons


  • Choose whatever addon you want to install!



Comments (2)

  1. Hi, Can someone please help me!
    I have followed the steps above and the version of OperationRobocop that downloads is v1.5. Then when I go to:
    Select Operation Robopcop Ultimate Repository (under Get Add Ons)
    I get two dots .. and I cannot see the Video Add Ons for me to be able to select and install Operation Robocop. I

    have tried this many times and same result. I have also checked other posts and see no other instructions of

    something I am doing wrong.

    I am from the UK and do not use VPN.

    Can someone please help and get this working for me!!!


  2. Just failed, i wont get the. Zip file after i select install from zip, what could be the problem? , i use VPN im from East Africa

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