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How to Install Big Buck Bunny Addon For Kodi

So you want to know, how to install the Big Buck Bunny add-on for Kodi? Then you’re in luck because we have an easy to use ¬†guide for you, right here.

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Useful Links and Info

  • What is Big Buck Bunny?
    • is a great add-on from that scrapes¬†, so you can watch all episodes of Family Guy
  • Author/Source

Important Notice

If you already have the MettleKettle Repo Addon, load it up and browse for Big Buck Bunny, or click to Skip to relevant step for you only
The following images reflect a default install of Kodi, if you have a custom skin or build it may differ.

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  • Open Kodi
  • Highlight SYSTEM >Click> File Manager
  • Then Press “Add Source”
    • Select the box that says <None>
  • Type in
  • Press Done
  • Give the Source a meaningful and memorable name, such as FUSION
  • Go back to the Kodi Home Screen
    • Press the SYSTEM button
    • Select Add-Ons
    • Install from zip file
  • Select FUSION
    • Select XMBC Repos
    • English
  • Wait for the Add-on enabled notification to appear.
  • Click Install From Repository
    • Find The¬†MettleKettle Repository
    • Video Add-ons
    • Find¬†UK Turks Playlist
  • Press Install
  • Wait for the Add-on Enabled Notification


  • Open Kodi
  • Highlight¬†SYSTEM >Click> File Manager


  • Press “Add Source”


  • Select the box that says <None>


  • Type in
  • Press¬†Done

How to Install The Royal We Addon For Kodi 1

  • Kodi may automatically fill in the Name box as shown below, you could leave as Kodi suggests,¬†if it does not then name it

How to Install The Royal We Addon For Kodi 14

  • Go back to the Kodi¬†Home Screen
  • Press the¬†SYSTEM button

How to Install Just Lego Addon For Kodi 3

  • Select Add-Ons
  • Install from zip file

How to Install Just Lego Addon For Kodi 5

  • Select
  • The screenshot shows several other choices, you won’t see all of these. You may see others depending on your network setup. This is normal!

How to Install The Royal We Addon For Kodi 2

  • Select¬†xbmc-repos 

How to Install The Royal We Addon For Kodi 6

  • Then English

How to Install The Royal We Addon For Kodi 5

  • Click on 
  • The x.x.x. represents the build number and this will change over time, always choose the highest number if more than one is available

Install mettle Kettle Repo

  • Wait for the¬†Add-on enabled notification to appear. Time depends on your connection speed and server load.

Install mettle Kettle Repo addon

  • Select Install from repository


  • Choose
    MettleKettles Addon Repository


  • Select Video Add-Ons


  • Scroll down and click Big Buck Bunny


  • Press Install


  • Wait for the Addon Notification


  • Access ¬†from Video>Addons


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