Dad Life Kodi Build – The Best UK Family Friendly Build?

Dad Life Kodi Build - The Best UK Family Friendly Build? 1

Dad Life is a Kodi build and not an addon. What’s the difference? Before proceeding be sure to understand that installing Dad Life or any other build, means will lose your current configuration. You can approach this a number of ways, but we highly recommend a fresh install of the lastest, and stable Kodi build.

See our how to guide if you need help setting it up


What is Dad Life?

DadLife is a build by Matt Bleasby, the creator of the Nemesis build, this version is geared towards a family, clues in the name right? The build caters for kids and parents alike.  with a really sleek and minimal UI. The categories are neatly separated into TV and movies, accessing extra content such as music and Youtube is possible too.

Out of the box it should meet most users needs. That said like any other build you can customize it and expand it with your own add-ons.


What’s included?

  • .f.u.b.a.r.
  • 1channel
  • IsraelLive
  • Bin@ural
  • CartoonHD
  • Cliq!
  • Concert Archive
  • Entertainment Hub
  • Football Highlights
  • Football Replays
  • Football Today
  • IPTV Stalker
  • Modbro
  • Movies HD
  • Much Movies HD
  • MX RTE Player
  • Navi-X
  • Operation Robocop
  • P2P Streams
  • Pak India Live
  • Project Free TV
  • Revenge IPTV
  • RobinHood Project
  • Sparkies Football Highlights
  • Sports Donkey
  • Sports Live TV
  • SportsMania
  • SportsNet Now
  • StreamStorm TV
  • Stream Engine
  • Super Cartoons
  • Super Replays
  • SuperStreams
  • TeeVee
  • The Mutts Nuts
  • Universal Media Provider
  • Watch Wrestling
  • World TV
  • Yify Movies HD


Current version and changelog (correct at time of writing)


  • Installed KODIUKTV Repo
  • Installed StealthStreams Addon
  • Removed Football Highlights
  • Installed Royal We Addon
  • Installed new Project Cypher
  • Removed Zeus & Repo including links to sub menus
  • Removed Match of the Day shortcut to Sparkies from sports.
  • Installed 123Movies from Ares.
  • Complete Movies Submenu overhaul
  • Complete TV Shows Submenu overhaul ( New links)
  • Removed TVTunes (Un Mentioned from user side)
  • Added Phoenix to movies & TV sub menus (Great Source)
  • Uninstalled Unused Repo’s to lighten boot times. (Unused and old Repo’s)
  • Tweaked Genesis hosts & time outs order to accommodate. (Updated Sources)
  • Ivue TVGuide Skin – Created by one of our amazing members (@rosssimpson)

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Need help installing Dad Life? Check out our guide

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