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How To Install Nemesis Build For Kodi

So you want to install the Nemesis build for Kodi? Then you’re in luck because we’ve got a guide for you, right here. To access the actual build we need to install the Wizard first.

There are two ways to download the wizard –

First Method (Install Within Kodi) please note these images reflect a default install of kodi, which you should have before installing this build.

  • Open Kodi
  • Click SYSTEM > File Manager

Step 1 File Manage


  • Press  Add Source

Step 2 add source


  • Select the box that says <None>

Step 3 None


  • Type in
  • Press Done

Step 4 address


  • Kodi may automatically fill in the Name box as shown below, you could leave as Kodi suggests, though I prefer to rename it Nemesis

Step 4 renameStep 5 rename


  • Go back to the  Home Screen
  • Press the SYSTEM button

Step 6 system


  • Select Add-Ons
  • Install from zip file

Step 7 install from zip


  • Select Nemesis
  • Notice several other choices, you won’t see all of these, actually you may see others depending on your network setup. This is normal!

Step 8 dadlife


  • Select

Step 9 choose zip


  • Wait for the Add-on enabled notification to appear. Time depends on your connection speed.

Step 10 addon enabled


  • Go to Home Screen
  • Then Programs

Step 11 programmes


  • Choose KodiUK TV Wizard

Step 12 Kodi


  • Select Kodi UK TV Builds

Step 13 Kodi Tv

  • Select Nemesis

Step 14 Kodi Tv


The wizard will now download. The time again varies depending on your own connection and the server traffic.

Step 15 download Kodi Tv

Final Step.


Step 16 Close Kodi

  • Restart Kodi/Pull plug (see below)

Windows Users 

  • Restart Kodi

Android Box Users 

  • Pull the power cord to restart your android box, the team suggest you leave it alone for a few minutes before pulling the cord.


Second Method (Manual requires a PC/Laptop and SDcard/USB Stick)

Click here to download the ZIP –

  • Then open Kodi go to Addons
  • Install from zip > choose the zip file (which you downloaded)
  • Once this is installed you will see Kodi UK TV Wizard in your program add-ons
  • Open it you can install all the Kodi UK TV Addons & Builds & Maintenance options.
  • Select Nemesis from Kodi Builds.
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  1. Jonathan says

    how do you access the system menue after you have installed nemesis?

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