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How to Pair with OpenLoad in Kodi

Interested in an explanation as for why you even need to do this? Then click expand below and read on.

Everything we Know so far..
Why is this happening?

The link providers are losing out financially , as the average user  had moved away, from viewing streams on PC. Now more are using alternatives such Firesticks and Android boxers. They host can’t serve ads and make revenue from Stick and Box users. Initially, they blocked access, but this method is a comprise, Intended to suit booth parties. It’s not clear how long this new method will last, or if it will change in time

Is it safe?

Yes and No, in reality, it might be ok and nothing to worry about. We recommend using a VPN though

Will others follow?

Yes, and they already are, some requesting similar methods. Or to input a pin that is shown on your device, into a browser.

Rather just find out how to do it?

  1. Open your browser software from your streaming device.
  2. visit the web address https://openload.co/pair
  3. Follow the simple on-screen instructions
  4. You now have access to openload.co links for the next 4 hours.

While this is an inconvenience, and many other link providers are know forcing the same method, in reality, it only takes 30 seconds, and offer your better quality links. We think it’s worth the hassle.

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