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How To Install Operation Robocop Ultimate Repository For Kodi

The Operation Robocop Ultimate Repositor For Kodi is home to addons such as New Kids TV and MotorNutz, this is how to install it.

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  • The following images reflect a default install of Kodi, if you have a custom skin or addon it may differ
Quick Guide (For Experienced Users Only) Click To expand
  • Open Kodi
  • Highlight SYSTEM >Click> File Manager
  • Then Press “Add Source”
    • Select the box that says <None>
  • Type in
  • Press Done
  • Give the Source a meaningful and memorable name, such as Operation Robocop
  • Go back to the Kodi Home Screen
    • Press the SYSTEM button
    • Select Add-Ons
    • Install from zip file
  • Select Operation Robocop
    • Choose
  • Wait for the Add-on enabled notification to appear.
  • Click Install From Repository
    • Find The operation Robocop Ultimate Repository
    • Video Add-ons
  • Choose your addons!


  • Open Kodi
  • Highlight SYSTEM >Click> File Manager


  • Don’t see Fusion? Then Press “Add Source”


  • Select the box that says <None>


  • Type in
  • Press Done


  • Give the Source a meaningful and memorable name, such as Operation Robocop


  • Go back to the Kodi Home Screen
  • Press the SYSTEM button


  • Select Add-Ons


  • Install from zip file


  • Select
    Operation Robocop
  • The screenshot shows several other choices, you won’t see all of these.
    • You may see others depending on your network setup. This is normal!


  • Navigate and Click
  • Repository.operationRobocop.Zip



  • Wait for the Add-on enabled notification to appear. Time depends on your connection speed and server load.


  • Click Install From Repository


  • Find Operation Robocop Ultimate Repo


  • Go Into >Video Add-ons


  • Choose whatever addon you want to install!
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  1. dip_dog says

    Hi, Can someone please help me!
    I have followed the steps above and the version of OperationRobocop that downloads is v1.5. Then when I go to:
    Select Operation Robopcop Ultimate Repository (under Get Add Ons)
    I get two dots .. and I cannot see the Video Add Ons for me to be able to select and install Operation Robocop. I

    have tried this many times and same result. I have also checked other posts and see no other instructions of

    something I am doing wrong.

    I am from the UK and do not use VPN.

    Can someone please help and get this working for me!!!


  2. Wille Gamba says

    Just failed, i wont get the. Zip file after i select install from zip, what could be the problem? , i use VPN im from East Africa

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